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A Rich Tradition

We have been providing quality K-8 education since 1924! Our alumni have become attorneys, dentists, doctors, landscape gardeners, homemakers and health professionals. We are honored to have been part of their journey and instill in them the desire to serve others in their communities.

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The Multi-Grade Advantage

We have two classrooms at our school: K-3 and 4-8.

You may be wondering how we can effectively teach that many grades at one time! You don’t have to worry. In fact, our teachers love the multi-grade setting and there are some unique advantages your children will experience in these rooms. These include: 


Having the same teacher for several years develops trust and gives your child a sense of emotional security. Your child will also receive better instruction because the teacher knows how your child learns best and their areas of strength and weakness and can provide targeted instruction to them. 


Students can easily take part in higher or lower level skills in particular subject areas instead of being locked into their grades’ curriculum. 


Older students are taught valuable leadership skills as they help younger students learn and this relationship helps the cognitive and social development of both younger and older students. 

Re-Teaching & Pre-Teaching

Older students benefit from “re-teaching” where they hear previously learned lessons which reinforces and clarifies their learning. Younger students benefit from “pre-teaching” where they “eavesdrop” on lessons for older students which stimulates and prepares their thinking for future lessons. 


Students are taught how to work independently and not be so reliant on others for learning.


Our Teachers

Evelyn Park.jpg

Evelyn Park

K-3 Grade Teacher/Principal

“My favorite part of being a teacher is being part of the ‘ah-ha moment’ and the sparkle in their eye when they finally understand a concept and we can celebrate their growth!”

Miss Park was born in Southern California but spent most of her childhood in Maryland before coming back here. She became an educator because she loves developing relationships with the students and celebrating with them as they learn and grow. She earned a BA in Elementary Education from Southern Adventist University.

In the summer (when she actually has some free time), you can find her doing arts and crafts, reading, playing games, bingeing TV shows, and taking care of her plants.

Lani Shetler.jpeg

Lani Shetler

4-8 Grade Teacher

“I hope my students experience an environment where learning is fun and exciting. If my students wake up each morning excited for school, I will know I am doing my job!”

Miss Shetler was born in San Diego and grew up all over San Diego county and Temecula. She became an educator because she loves watching children grow and the satisfaction of seeing students develop confidence and pride in themselves after successfully completing a task. She earned a BA in History from La Sierra University and completed a Masters in Elementary Education at Grand Canyon University. 


In the summer (when she actually has some free time), you can find her hiking, playing volleyball, finding yummy new restaurants, shopping, or binge watching her favorite Netflix shows!