The original church building was moved to the back of the church property to be used for school classes and Sabbath School Classes and Pathfinders. The new church with a seating capacity of 450 was built at a cost of $60,000 and dedicated dept-free on May 1, 1954.


In the mid – late 1950's, the school had outgrown the buildings on Prescott.  Property was purchased on Madison Avenue and two classrooms were built with two more completed soon after.


The membership was 353 in August of 1964, and it increased until there was discussion of holding two services.  However, a new group began to meet in Lakeside and 38 or 39 of our members joined them on September 17, 1966, as they formed the “Lakeside Company” which became the Lakeside Church.


In 1973, the school was prospering with all four classrooms in use and it was voted by the church board to build a gymnasium on the school property, to be used jointly by the school and church. When the “gym” was finished it was named Knox Auditorium to honor our charter members of the Knox family.



Ever since the property was secured on Madison Ave for the school it has been a dream of the El Cajon Church family to secure the rest of the 10 acres on which to build a new church.

Irene Priester

church historian